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You have read my welcome, dedication and "who we are" written by a very dear friend. These are my personal thoughts about the poetry, art and stories that are being shared with you. I am asking you not to remove or use any of the poetry or art work. Please respect these wishes.

Prison is about crime, punishment and rehabilitation. Somehow "warehouse" has replaced rehabilitation. Spiritual and cultural teachings are first and foremost in rehabilitation. There is also another form of rehabilitation, known to the mental professionals for years, called Art & Writing therapy. It is a tool which lets a person express and release what is going on inside. It is also a cultural heritage. There is beautiful hidden talent that blooms from behind these walls whether it comes from one in a minimum or maximum security facility. It comes in many different forms as you will see in the following pages.

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Again I am asking, listen with your heart and think about the person and what he has to offer with the beauty of his talent and work; these are messages from the stories of their life. I started this article before I had received the poetry, stories and art work; it is with a lot of emotion and some tears I enter them here:

Christopher Fire Thunder:
When I First Met You.
When I Fell In Love With You.
As My Days Pass...

Prison Walls May Be Between Us.
Reach Out
Untitled Poem
Untitled Poem
Glad You Still Love Me

Jeff Jones:
Untitled Poem
Jeff's Prayer

Phillip Yellow Bird - Steele:
Learning About Life

Cornell Red Star:
Strike Three You're Out

Marvin Poor Bear:
The Escape

Daniel Hanic:
Who goes to prison?

Farrel Eagle Horse:
A Reason To Change

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"We are all related"

" In Remembrance "
Sept 11, 2001
"Our prayers are with all those who have been injured and the families who have lost loved ones "


We will not remain silent while another life is devalued; will you? Don't let another life go out before you become involved!
Please read!

The artwork of Robert Eagleman.


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Myst Awards

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