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Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Spiritual Group
Jameson Annex
South Dakota State Penitentiary
P.O. Box 5911
Sioux Falls, South Dakota  57117-5911

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clearDear Friends:
We reach out to you on behalf of the Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota people currently residing in the Jameson Annex, South Dakota State Penitentiary. Our traditions, rituals, and beliefs are very sacred to us and we fear they are being jeopardized by current Prison Administration Policy and scarcity of financial and donated resources. We have been fortunate in obtaining this opportunity to acquaint you with our Spiritual Group and its goals, trials, and tribulations.

Currently we are in the midst of dire upheaval, in regards to keeping our traditional ceremonies, beliefs, and spirituality intact, due to a lack of caring, interested parties to aid and assist us in our plight. As you will come to realize as you continue reading, we are in a very precarious position and are desperately relying on you to help us overcome and completely conquer what now appears to be insurmountable difficulties.

Because of Department of Corrections (DOC) policy, (Inmate banking policy), up to 50% of all monies received by inmates is automatically garnished. Due to this DOC policy, we are no longer able to fully support all Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota peoples spiritual, sacred ceremonies.

The inmate employment situation here at Jameson Annex-SDSP does not come close to having a comparable ratio of jobs to inmates. In an optimistic approximation it is four inmates to one job or work position. Because of this dismal fact, we personally are unable to support our spiritual group and ceremonies.

What we are sorely in need of is not money for money's sake; we must have resources for acquisitions of religious necessities. Without said items, we cannot effectively continue to practice our sacred ceremonies that are so vital to the spiritual growth of our Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and Native American contingent inside this institution. It is extremely important to the Elders that our sacred ceremonies remain traditional in every aspect, so our youth may realize first-hand the beauty and importance of their culture; which teaches respect, humility, generosity, and wisdom through our sacred ceremonies. It is imperative that our youth be taught these virtues. Qualities that will surely assist them in their re-entry into our communities and society.

In order to perform our sacred ceremonies correctly, in the true, traditional sense, we seek donations to provide the necessary materials we now lack. We are not an organization per se. We are simply Lakota, Dakota, Nakota, and Native American peoples asking for a helping hand.

Our needs consist of the following:
1. Sage 7. Bitter-root
2. Sweetgrass 8. Osha Root
3. Cedar 9. Lovage Root
4. Bearberry Leaf 10. Tobacco
5. Red Willow Bark 11. Wood (for Sweatlodge)
6. Compass or Pilot Plant 12. Rocks (for Sweatlodge)

All the above are used in the Sacred Pipe Ceremony (CANNUPA), and Sweatlodge Ceremony (INIPI).

Donations will also be used to provide travel expenses for Medicine Men; Spiritual Advisors (male and female) who must journey long distances to hold ceremonies for us. All donated monies will be placed in a bank account for us and when monies are spent toward our goals, you will be promptly sent confirmation and any receipt so that you may see the benefits of your generosity.

All monetary and material donations should be sent to:

If you wish to make a donation, please email for information.

We encourage family and friends to send spiritual items, but be aware that they most likely will be tested for contraband by the prison staff.


Though many miles and a prison fence separate us, we have always believed compassion is far-reaching, therefore, we humbly thank you for your time, donations, and sorely needed support. In giving of yourselves you strengthen the traditional beliefs, as well as, the Sacred Circle of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota and Native American brothers who have chosen to walk the Red Road so they might better heal themselves through the Sacred Ceremonies and be productive human beings for family, community, and society, while keeping our sacred ways strong, alive, and flourishing. With this we extend our hand in friendship and brotherhood to all friends and supporters.


          John Hollow Horn Bear

"We are all related"

" In Remembrance "
Sept 11, 2001
"Our prayers are with all those who have been injured and the families who have lost loved ones "

We will not remain silent while another life is devalued; will you? Don't let another life go out before you become involved!
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