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Oh Tanhasila, please hear me tonight,
thru all my messed up life I lost a lot of people
because of a color that I grew to love, is that right?
Now this life and color is making me single.
All my nights I never knew you'd be there for me
all I had to do was ask, but I was was too caught up.
I made amends that I see the light of eternity,
one day I'll be able to reach my goals, reach the top.
Until then Grandfather , keep me at peace with myself.
I got a family, a little boy that I love deeply, also
somebody that can make me feel alive, a wife.
With these two by my side I can face reality.
At first it was hard but I grew to love it all.
Just like how I grew to love you and let you in my heart.
Now that I got everything I need to live, please never let me fall.
Also keep me and my family as one, never let us part.
Grandfather, I ask as a humble man that can change his way.
A little help and hope, I know I'll never let you down.
Thank you for the family, for this I give you my every day,
and whenever I need you, I know you'll be around.
Grandfather, thank you for hearing my prayer
I know you hear me, like you always did before

Jeff Jones
© 2001


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