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Silverhawk's Graphics

Jeff Jones

Silverhawk's Graphics

Where did this perfect love of ours disappear
when things began to go wrong
What happen to the laughter we used to share
for so long
It used to be that we were so close
we both thought it would never end
We were so in love with one another
and you were my best friend.
Long talks on the phone and holding each other
is a past of what we shared.
When I was feeling down and depressed
You always showed you cared.
What started out as love letters and those
first words of I Love You:
Ended up to be all my wishes and a dream
You made come true.
Looking at pictures I took of you and thinking
about you all night.
I know I could always turn to you
to make things alright.
Things used to mean so much to us, but how,
how do we explain?
After all we've been through its ending
and I know we both feel pain.
I can't let this go on any longer
because we'd be making a mistake.
Open your eyes and please try to hold on
to give this all it takes.
We act like fools towards this
so lets not worry about the pride
Right now it could only make things worse
if it's not put aside.
Love should conquer our feelings we need to be aware
Not everything will turn out perfect
but what we had is rare.
Don't give up on love because
we can make this work together
I'll never give up on loving you
and you'll hold my heart forever
I want to be your future
not just a part of your past
We hold all things
we need to make this relationship last
It not easy to find at first
but you'll see its worth the wait
As long as you let your heart lead the way
you'll find truth in fate
Jeff Jones

© 2001


Silverhawk's Graphics

"We are all related"


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Silverhawk's Graphics

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